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ColPack - Algorithms for specialized vertex coloring problems

Website: http://cscapes.cs.purdue.edu
License: LGPLv3+
Vendor: Fedora Project
ColPack is a package comprising of implementation of algorithms for
specialized vertex coloring problems that arise in sparse derivative
computation. It is written in an object-oriented fashion heavily using
the Standard Template Library (STL).  It is designed to be simple,
modular, extendable and efficient.

This build has openMP-support enabled.


ColPack-1.0.9-3.el7.ppc64 [275 KiB] Changelog by Björn Esser (2014-06-18):
- added Patch0 to fix build with openMP on GCC >= 4.9
- restructured spec
- preserve GPLv3-file

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