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gogoc - IPv6 TSP client for gogo6

Website: http://gogonet.gogo6.com/page/freenet6-services
License: BSD and GPLv2
Vendor: Fedora Project
TSP is a control protocol used to establish and maintain static tunnels.
The gogoCLIENT is used on the host computer to connect to a tunnel broker
using the TSP protocol and to get the information for its IPv6 tunnel.
When it receives the information for the tunnel, the gogoCLIENT creates the
static tunnel on its operating system.
You can setup a dynamic tunnel anonymously, but if you want a static prefix
you need an account in Freenet6 http://gogonet.gogo6.com/page/freenet6-account


gogoc-1.2-41.el7.ppc64 [120 KiB] Changelog by Juan Orti Alcaine (2015-01-05):
- Remove PrivateDevices from service unit. Fixes #1178573

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