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lcmaps - Grid (X.509) and VOMS credentials to local account mapping service

Website: http://wiki.nikhef.nl/grid/LCMAPS
License: ASL 2.0
Vendor: Fedora Project
The Local Centre MAPping Service (LCMAPS) is a security middleware
component that processes the users Grid credentials (typically X.509
proxy certificates and VOMS attributes) and maps the user to a local
account based on the site local policy.

It is a highly configurable pluggable interface, and many plugins are
available to tailor almost every need. Since this is middleware, it
does not interact with the user directly; to use it in a program please
see the lcmaps-interface package.


lcmaps-1.6.5-2.el7.ppc64 [84 KiB] Changelog by Dennis van Dok (2014-09-17):
- Compounded the changelog entries of intermediate versions

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