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libmapi - MAPI implementation and library by Zarafa

Website: http://www.zarafa.com/
License: AGPLv3 with exceptions
Vendor: Fedora Project
The libmapi package provides the Open Source MAPI (Messaging Application
Programming Interface) implementation by Zarafa. The MAPI is a messaging
architecture and a Component Object Model based API for Microsoft Windows
which allows control over the messaging system on the client computer,
creation and management of messages, management of the client mailbox,
service providers, etc. This MAPI implementation by Zarafa is also known
as MAPI4Linux.


libmapi-7.1.12-1.el7.ppc64 [745 KiB] Changelog by Robert Scheck (2015-04-07):
- Upgrade to 7.1.12
- Added multiple minor enhancement and bugfix patches
- Added patch to fix CVE-2014-0103 for PHP < 5.3 (#1073618)
- Handle "su" option in logrotate >= 3.8.0 to avoid errors

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