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libxmp - A multi-format module playback library

Website: http://xmp.sourceforge.net/
License: BSD and LGPLv2+ and MIT and Public Domain
Vendor: Fedora Project
Libxmp is a library that renders module files to PCM data. It supports
over 90 mainstream and obscure module formats including Protracker (MOD),
Scream Tracker 3 (S3M), Fast Tracker II (XM), and Impulse Tracker (IT).

Many compressed module formats are supported, including popular Unix, DOS,
and Amiga file packers including gzip, bzip2, SQSH, Powerpack, etc.


libxmp-4.2.5-1.el7.ppc64 [254 KiB] Changelog by Dominik Mierzejewski (2014-03-02):
- update to 4.2.5 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/xmp/files/libxmp/4.2.5/Changelog/view)

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