These older Ubuntu releases are now in Extended Maintenance (ESM):

We are happy to provide hosting for the following projects via the cdimage server. While they are not commercially supported by Canonical, they receive full support from their communities.

The cdimage server also hosts releases of other Ubuntu images not found on this server, such as builds for less popular architectures and other non-standard and unsupported images. For Ubuntu Desktop and Server on popular architectures, please see the links above instead.

Ports, Unsupported, and Experimental Images for Ubuntu

For old releases, see

Index of /ubuntu-cd/

Index of /ubuntu-cd/

File NameFile SizeDate
Parent directory/--
12.04/-12-Mar-2019 05:16
12.04.5/-12-Mar-2019 05:16
14.04/-18-Aug-2020 08:05
14.04.6/-18-Aug-2020 08:05
16.04/-18-Aug-2020 17:01
16.04.6/-18-Aug-2020 17:01
16.04.7/-18-Aug-2020 17:01
18.04/-13-Aug-2020 15:39
18.04.4/-13-Aug-2020 15:39
18.04.5/-13-Aug-2020 15:39
20.04/-15-Feb-2021 08:47
20.04.2/-15-Feb-2021 08:47 08:47
20.10/-22-Oct-2020 17:11
21.04/-01-Apr-2021 17:42
bionic/-13-Aug-2020 15:39
cdicons/-21-Sep-2012 11:18
focal/-15-Feb-2021 08:47
groovy/-22-Oct-2020 17:11
hirsute/-01-Apr-2021 17:42
include/-11-Apr-2019 20:14
precise/-12-Mar-2019 05:16
releases/-12-Apr-2021 22:02
trusty/-18-Aug-2020 08:05
xenial/-18-Aug-2020 17:01
FOOTER.html 2201-Feb-2006 18:11
HEADER.html 543004-Feb-2021 17:52
favicon.ico 115016-Jun-2011 02:46
robots.txt 4929-Oct-2009 10:22